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  • “And now the magic will happen…”

    22nd Mar 2021 by

    It’s been a tough old winter one way or another, but thanks to flexible colleagues and a yard approach that’s kept horse and rider together as often as possible, Max and I have survived and are looking forward to making the most of the opportunities coming our way. We’ve made the best of it by… Read more

  • Lockdown life – how are you coping?

    6th Apr 2020 by

    Almost everything you read at the moment begins ‘in these unprecedented times…’ and they certainly are; everyone can remember a time when they couldn’t do what everyone was else was doing: FOMO (or Fear Of Missing Out) is what drives a lot of advertising now. In these unpr- frankly odd times, we’re all missing out:… Read more

  • B is for…

    7th Sep 2022 by

    Today was a struggle – Max seemed to have hidden his manners somewhere… still, everything is a learning experience and there were things to take away and no time was wasted: if we were going back to basics then no-stirrups it was! Although it was frustrating when all I’d hoped to work on was some… Read more

  • I am native, rooted here…

    2nd Jul 2022 by

    The opera-lovers may recognise the quotation (from Montagu Slater’s libretto for Peter Grimes, music by Benjamin Britten) and this post is slightly off-beam but a short reflection from horseback this morning. Max and I have had a quiet few months, punctuated by some really inspiring lessons, putting homework into practice and then the odd naff… Read more

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