Plans on hold

As of last night (16 March) British Eventing (BE) fixtures are cancelled until further notice. The importance of public health measures is paramount and other things need to take a back seat for now – the board of BE have undoubtedly done the right thing.

For the people whose business this is, either as riders, organisers, staff, or running trade stands it’s going to be a very hard year; for the spectators and the BE volunteers it’s going to be frustrating to say the least.

For me and the lovely Max it means a delay to his return to/ my debut on the Eventing field, which is extremely disappointing and frustrating, and the uncertainty around the current situation is making it hard to see just what will be possible this year – even travelling to training venues may not be possible.

We’ll stay working and doing what training we can and keep you updated with our plans as they evolve, but it’s possible I might need to delay my birthday until after the 2021 season: 80by41 just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Published by The Eventing Organist

I'm a professional musician, working as Organist and Master of the Choristers at Chelmsford Cathedral, and an amateur rider aiming to compete at One Day Events in 2020 with my Irish Sport Horse Max.

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