Getting set for Munstead

We’re almost there – this week has seen the usual round of horse laundry, getting kit together, writing lists, and planning timings. It’s all good and makes the coming Event more real, especially when you get the email with your number and you start to become part of the whole thing.

Arranging all this around work, plus riding, and one or two extras like Max getting his back done has taken more planning than usual and I’m hugely grateful to a whole host of people who are lending help or bits of kit, driving me to collect the horse box, and all the things that will leave me with the ultimate task of piloting Max around the Dressage and SJ arenas, and the XC course which looks fun from the course map.

It’s all a little daunting, but we’re going to get out there and make the best of it, have fun, and hopefully bring back some great memories and details to write up here.

Thanks for reading – please share this with others who might be interested!

Published by The Eventing Organist

I'm a professional musician, working as Organist and Master of the Choristers at Chelmsford Cathedral, and an amateur rider aiming to compete at One Day Events in 2020 with my Irish Sport Horse Max.

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